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Bachelors of Political Science

After high school graduation, the next step for many students is going to college. While a student may choose an associates degree, many recognize the benefits of a bachelor’s degree in their particular subject of interest. There are some students who approach this time in their life knowing fully what career path they want to pursue, and there are others that go to college with a greater degree of uncertainty. Often students without a clear direction will choose a degree in Liberal Arts. Choosing a degree in political science, however, may be a good alternative to the standard liberal arts degree.

B.A in Political Science

Earning a B.A. in Political Science isn’t reserved just for future politicians. A Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science also prepares students to enter careers in law, education, public service, finance, urban planning, non-profit careers, and many other possibilities. The coursework of the political science program teaches many desirable skills that future employers need when hiring.

The transferable job skills a student will learn are broad. One primary skill is analysis. A student will study data sets and learn how to read and analyze them in order to understand financial data, trends, and polls. Another skill is communication. Every student benefits from taking communication courses. It is a primary job skill most employers look for. One other critical skill that transfers well to many careers is conflict resolution. In all jobs you will likely run into conflict at one point or another. Learning how to effectively resolve conflicts is a great skill to obtain no matter what your career.

At the heart of a political science degree is an overarching understanding of determining the effectiveness of policies that bear on the stability, fairness, and economical growth potential of many organizations--both governmental and private. The coursework will systematically study all facets of political complexity. This includes, power structures, domestic and international relationship building, conflict resolution, and organizational and political behaviors.

The number of major courses in a B.A. in Political Science varies with each school. Some schools require up to seventy. The total number of units to graduate, including a student’s general education and electives, are 120 to 128 semester units at most colleges. Coursework often includes a majority of political science classes covering the broad scope of the major. Depending on the school, other required courses include Economy, American Government and Politics, Comparative Politics, and Writing in the Major.

The time invested to complete a bachelor’s in political science will vary dependent on many factors. At one time it was referred to a four-year degree. This isn’t necessarily the case. Here are a few of the variables to consider when calculating how long it takes to complete a bachelor’s degree in political science:

  • What school is the student going to?
  • Is there an accelerated program online?
  • Are the courses available when needed?
  • Will the student take the maximum number of units allowed each semester or go part-time?
  • Will college funds be available each semester?

All of these factors can either slow down the educational process or speed it up. Everyone has a unique situation that will bear on the length of time it takes to complete the degree. Choosing the right college is important not only for the experience, quality of education, and cost, but also important for helping a student reach their graduation goals in a timely manner.

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