"The method of political science is the interpretation of life; its instrument is insight, a nice understanding of subtle, unformulated conditions." - Woodrow Wilson

Political science career

What Is Political Science?

To the casual observer, political science might sound like a dry, boring discipline. Those who delve a bit deeper into the realm of political science, however, quickly discover that notion to be false. If you have an interest in politics, whether domestic, foreign, or both, political science could be the perfect field for you. Other interests that lend themselves to a career in political science include human rights, the environment, health care, equality, and the inner workings of governments. Political science is quite a broad field with many opportunities and possibilities for growth.

Skills that students learn in a political science curriculum can be applied to careers in government at all levels. These skills also may lead to careers including, but not limited to, campaign management, law, journalism, business, research, teaching, and working in nonprofit organizations.

Career Information By State

As political science itself is a broad discipline, the American Political Science Association lists 42 different subfields within the discipline. Some of these include:

  • Political philosophy
  • Political theory
  • Policy studies and policy analysis
  • Political economy
  • Political ideology
  • International relations
  • Comparative politics
  • Elections and voting behavior
  • Race and politics
  • Women and politics

Entry into careers in any of these subfields and in virtually any discipline that spawns from political science are possible with a minimum of a bachelor's degree in political science. Majoring in political science can be a boon to any career you choose, whether it is in business, politics, law, or any other realm. The communication, analytic and administrative skills you learn in a political science college curriculum integrate well into a host of career opportunities, with titles as diverse as the following:

  • CIA analyst
  • Political commentator
  • State legislator
  • Activist or advocate
  • Attorney
  • Banking officer
  • Entrepreneur

These careers can be quite lucrative financially as well as personally and professionally rewarding.

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