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Often a student enters college with a particular career in mind, only to discover they may not want to go that direction, or there is a shift in job opportunities based on factors beyond their control. This leaves a student wondering what types of jobs their degree will prepare them for once they leave school. A student seeking a political science degree may find they have an advantage over other degree choices due its broad nature of study.

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A degree in political science is frequently thought to be a degree only for aspiring politicians and lawyers. While it is certainly a good choice for future politicians and attorneys, there are other careers it will prepare a student for. A political science degree prepares students for careers in many industries such as health care, finance, business, law, education, politics, public policy, management, and the nonprofit sector just to name a few. Political science graduates earning an undergraduate degree should find entry-level work across all of these industries as well as many opportunities for advancement.

One of the reasons a degree in political science is so versatile has to do with the courses a student takes. The political science degree coursework focuses on teaching a student how our world works as far as the political, and social framework, and also teaches public policy and economics. It is a broad education in the study of all the social sciences. A student can elect to focus their major by taking supporting courses if they know which industry interests them the most.

A degree in political science prepares the student to work in any organization where complex organizational structures and relationships require a good understanding of both. Students will often posses analytical skills. They will generally be well organized and detail oriented. They will also have good oral and written communication skills.

Statistically, a political science major will earn an above average wage. The national statistics, according to payscale.com, show some of the more popular jobs a political science major engages in are Intelligence Analyst, Operations Manager, and Contract Specialist. Each of these careers offers annual salaries above $60,000. The lowest paid position according to payscale.com is Administrative Assistant earning $33,000 a year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the outlook for careers for political science majors is projected to grow at a faster rate than average.

A political science major who chooses to go into law will have a good amount of competition due to the number of law graduates each year according to the BLS. Earnings for private practice attorneys average at $108,000, while government lawyers will earn between $48,000 to $68,000 on average. Other legal positions include law clerks with median incomes under $40,000 annually.

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