Political Science and Liberal Arts Education in Delaware

Before embarking on a political career in Delaware, you should earn a political science degree. Choose from the many accredited schools and programs in the state, both in traditional format and online. Most political science careers in Delaware require a minimum of a bachelor's degree, while some may necessitate earning a graduate degree.

Courses that you can expect to take in a political science program at a Delaware college or university will focus on the American political system, public policy, international relations, comparative politics, foreign policy, parties and interest groups, and public administration. Schools typically require a concentration of at least 45 credits in political science prior to graduation.

Some political science careers in Delaware require a graduate degree. This is also attainable at many Delaware colleges and universities, online and in traditional format. Positions which require graduate training include professorships, university administration positions, management analysts and international research specialists.

Delaware Political Science

Political Science Careers in Delaware

Famous politicians from Delaware include Vice President Joe Biden, Senator William Roth (creator of the Roth IRA), and Senator Thomas Bayard, who later became President Grover Cleveland's Secretary of State. Those who graduate from Delaware political science programs may aspire to such lofty political ambitions, or may go on to become lawyers, teachers, political scientists, or consultants.

According to the Delaware Department of Labor, the average government / public administration worker in the state made $55,222 annually. Court clerks made the lowest annual salary, at $33,717, while emergency management specialists earned the highest, at $66,269. Just over 800 new jobs are expected to be added to that sector by 2018. This number may be misleading, however, as many who work in political science or government are classified into other industries such as information technology or education.

Employers of Delaware residents who hold political science degrees include the Veterans Health Administration in Wilmington, the Air Force in Dover, the National Guard in Wilmington, New Castle County Government Offices in Wilmington, and the City of Wilmington. Job titles for political science graduates not working directly for the government are diverse within private industry and business. Titles of such positions range from Manager of Government Relations to Regulatory Affairs Manager.

How to Become a Politician in Delaware

Political parties currently active within Delaware include the Republican Party of Delaware, the Delaware Democratic Party, the Communist Party of Delaware, the Green Party of Delaware, the Libertarian Party of Delaware, the Independent Party of Delaware, the Delaware Working Families Party, and the Delaware Tea Party.

If you want to hold an elected office in Delaware, visit the state Department of Elections to determine eligibility. This department can also direct you to your local county election offices and to the proper forms you must fill out in order to be a candidate in Delaware. One such form is the State of Delaware Candidate Filing form, which must be notarized and filed by all candidates for office in the state. Depending upon the office you seek, you may also need to have constituents sign the Petition for Candidate to Secure Ballot Status. While it's best to be affiliated with one of the recognized political parties in Delaware, it is possible to run as an unaffiliated candidate, in which case you must file the Unaffiliated Candidate Declaration along with your campaign finance reports.

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