Political Science and Liberal Arts Education in Georgia

A political science degree in Georgia can help you to attain many positions in the academic, private and public sectors. Political science practitioners are in need of many skills and aptitudes in order to perform their jobs most effectively. Therefore, political science is largely a liberal study of arts and science, providing a broad background in politics and government for the student.

Classes in a political science curriculum in Georgia will encompass many topics, including criminal justice, American government, the judicial system, international relations, public administration and political theory. Graduates will be ready to take on jobs in disciplines such as politics, government, law, journalism, criminal justice, academics, law enforcement, business and private industry. Students who pursue Master's degrees or even a Ph.D. may be able to find higher-level instructional positions in colleges and universities, as well as assistant professorships and professorships.

Georgia Political Science

Political Science Careers in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Labor predicts that many political science careers will show astounding growth from 2008 to 2018. These include employment within colleges and universities, which is expected to increase by 29.9 percent during that time; local government employment, which is projected to grow by 7.9 percent during that time; and management, scientific and technical consulting services, anticipated to grow by 54.3 percent during that time.

The Georgia Labor Market Explorer notes that many "hot" careers (that is, ones that are expected to experience positive growth and pay increases over the next decade) fall within the realm of political science. For example, between 2008 and 2018, it is expected that there will be 460 new openings for administrative service managers, who made an annual salary averaging $76,500 in 2010. There are expected to be 690 openings for lawyers during this period, whose annual salary in 2010 averaged $142,900. Opportunities for management analysts, who earned an average of $96,300 in 2010, should increase by 1870. Detectives and criminal investigators, who earned an average of $53,500 in 2010, should see an increase of about 180 jobs during this period.

State government agencies that typically employ political science graduates include the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice in Atlanta, the Georgia Department of Labor in Fulton, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations in Dekalb. Opportunities to work with the national government may exist at places such as the Social Security Administration in Augusta and the Federal Aviation Administration in College Park.

How to Become a Politician in Georgia

Georgia's Secretary of State has produced a pamphlet entitled Qualifications and Disqualifications for Holding State or County Elective Office in Georgia. This document details the requirements for county and state offices. The requirements are varied for each office, and those who wish to run for elected office in Georgia are urged to read the document in full to discover the requirements pertinent to the office they seek.

If you want to run for Georgia elected office but don't know where to begin, the first step is to volunteer with your political party as well as within your local community. This will get your foot in the door and make you aware of the legalities involved in elections. Your community will discover who you are and be able to place your name on the ballot with your face on Election Day. Next, contact the Executive Director of your political party to discuss your desire to run for office. Websites and contact information for each active major political party in Georgia are listed below. The Executive Director of your political party will be able to inform you of offices that are available during the next election. Finally, fill out the Notice of Intent form, which the Executive Director will provide to you. This declares your intention to run for elected office in your chosen political party.

Active Political Parties in Georgia as of 2011:

  • Democratic Party of Georgia

  • Georgia Republican Party

  • Southern Party of Georgia

  • Libertarian Party of Georgia

  • Green Party of Georgia

  • Constitution Party of Georgia

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