Political Science and Liberal Arts Education in Idaho

Public affairs and political science are popular majors for college students in Idaho. No matter what your eventual career goal is, a degree in political science, public affairs or a government-related subject can help you improve your decision-making, critical analysis and judgment skills. Undergraduate political science degrees in Idaho usually are either Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, depending upon the school you choose. Such a degree can benefit you in your quest for a career in politics, government, communications, law, public relations, marketing, and many more disciplines. Coursework will familiarize the student with government, law, politics, economics, statistics, history, foreign politics, and much more. A Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree curriculum often stresses scientific and math courses more than the curriculum in a Bachelor of Arts degree program would.

Students seeking graduate political science degrees may opt to receive a Master of Science, Master of Arts or Doctor of Philosophy. These degrees are most beneficial to students who wish to become researchers, college instructors or professors, to pursue a career as an attorney or judge, or to pursue careers requiring special government security clearance.

Idaho Political Science

Political Science Careers in Idaho

Many of the positions listed by the Idaho Department of Labor among the Top 100 "Hot Jobs" in the state from 2008 to 2018 can be obtained with a political science degree. One such occupation is that of postsecondary teacher, otherwise known as a college instructor or professor. It is predicted that this occupation will grow by 27.21 percent by 2014. Idaho's postsecondary teachers currently make an average annual income of $69,446. Another position included in the "Hot Jobs" list that a political science background can benefit is that of management analyst. This position, expected to grow by 23.4 percent by 2018, currently pays an average annual salary of $62,878.

Lawyers are among the fastest-growing professions in Iowa, with an expected increase of 13.85 percent by the year 2018. Currently, lawyers in Idaho make an average of $89,835 annually. Two other jobs on the Hot Jobs list are market research analyst, expected to increase by 35.16 percent by 2018, and public relations specialists, with a projected increase of 24.72 percent. These positions garner average yearly wages of $57,241 and $65,270 respectively. Another option for political science majors is to work in Idaho state government. According to Governor C.L. Butch Otter, there are approximately 26,000 state government employees in Idaho. With a state population of 1.5 million, this means that one in every 58 Idaho residents works for state government.

How to Become a Politician in Idaho

Before running for local municipal office in Idaho, one must meet certain basic qualifications. These include attaining the age of 18, being a U.S. citizen, holding residency in the city or district in Idaho in which you seek office for at least 30 days, and being registered to vote in that city or district. You must submit a Declaration of Candidacy, along with either a Petition of Candidacy signed by five city/district electors or a filing fee of $40. One of the signatures on the Petition of Candidacy may be your own.

Write-in candidates need not file the Petition or the filing fee, but must submit a Declaration of Intent for Write-In Candidate. This document specifies that you hold the legal qualifications for the office you seek. All candidate information must be submitted to the local Clerk of the District on the last day of candidate filing (check with your district for dates and deadlines).

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