Political Science and Liberal Arts Education in Ohio

A political science degree in Ohio can lead to a wide assortment of careers – in business, education, government, law, journalism, foreign relations, and more. Most postsecondary institutions in Ohio and online that confer political science degrees concentrate their coursework into five main areas. These include public administration, American politics, international relations, comparative politics, and political theory. The majority of colleges in Ohio will require between 40 and 50 credit hours in your major of political science.

Practical field experience opportunities are offered to some Ohio political science students, depending upon the college or university you select. These internships could be in local, state or national government; the legal field; communications; political campaigns; or within private businesses. Skills that you learn in a practicum such as this will add to the knowledge gained inside the classroom and learned from textbooks. Some students go on to enter graduate studies or pre-law programs after completing their undergraduate political science requirements. Others go directly into the career of their choice. Whichever path you choose, you are sure to be well prepared because of your college education in Ohio.

Ohio Political Science

Political Science Careers in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services predicts an amazing increase of 31.16 percent in job opportunities for lawyers throughout the state from 2006 through 2016. Other jobs within the discipline of political science that are projected to show increases during this period include management analysts, which should be up by 12.67 percent; compliance officers, expected to be up 12.77 percent; legal assistants and paralegals, which should grow by 19.18 percent; and management analysts, projected to be up an astounding 57.47 percent.

Jobs for political science graduates are usually readily available but are even more easily found just prior to an election year. Political campaigns and candidates employ political science graduates in various positions including campaign manager, press secretary and public relations specialist. Other employers of political science graduates in Ohio include county governments (such as Franklin and Wood Counties); the Department of the Air Force's Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton; and Homeland Security's Customs and Border Protection in Cincinnati. Political parties also employ political science graduates in directorial positions, as do private corporations such as Philips in Cleveland, International Data Management in Akron; and nonprofit organizations like Amnesty International in London and the Sierra Club Ohio Chapter in Columbus.

How to Become a Politician in Ohio

Many famous politicians throughout history have come from the state of Ohio. These include seven former presidents: President James Garfield (from Cuyahoga County), President Ulysses S. Grant (from Point Pleasant), President Warren Harding (from Morrow County), President Rutherford Hayes (from Delaware, OH), President Benjamin Harrison (from North Bend), President William McKinley (from Niles), and President William H. Taft (from Cincinnati).

If you would like to add your name to this list one day, you should first research the requirements to run for elected office in Ohio. A guide to assist candidates is published by the Secretary of State's office and informs prospective candidates of the requirements to run for the office of their choice. Offices range from municipal to state to federal, and requirements for each vary. Those who choose to run for office in Ohio do so for different reasons, including a desire to change the way government is run, and to give back to their community. The first step to take is to contact your preferred political party. They can assist you with requirements for office, help shape your political campaign, and make the road to election easier. Major Ohio political parties and their contact information are listed below.

Constitution Party of Ohio
Ohio Democratic Party
Ohio Republican Party

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